Art Party Friday at The Crafty Maven Getaway

Aloha My scrappy friends!!

Tis been hard lately, I am not gonna lie. The sunny is shining here in Hawaii and I have had no desire to create. I hate when that happens. Life is busy and at the end of the day, I am too tired to use my brain.

I am trying so hard not to punish myself for not wanting to scrap. We all have lulls. We all get busy, and we definitely all get tired.

Well this week I was up at The Crafty Maven getaway for Art Party Friday. I didn’t even know where to start to tell you the truth. I made a total of two layouts within the last 7 days. So I decided to do a technique I have done before and really like the way it turns out. It is easy. You splatter watered down paint on white cardstock, then use a paintbrush to dab the splatters. You end up with a pretty airy and artsy look. It also is really forgiving.


I then used a stamp that had x’s for a little more something going on. I was also hoping the black would tone down the fact that I may have overdid it with all the different color paints I used. I really couldn’t help it though. I was inspired by the rich bright colors in the inspiration from The Crafty Maven Getaway.

February Inspiration 1

I love these colors I just didn’t want them so bold on my page, if I could go back I would have not added the orange paint, but in the end I really love how all the colors look on the back ground.

I decided to use the Maggie Holmes Bloom collection, for two reasons, the main reason, it’s brand new and I was hoping that would get my all excited. I love breaking into a new collection and cutting up new papers to layer on a background. this excitement really gets me excited about scrapping. I also really liked how the colors of this collection matched the splatters on my background. Sometimes when they seem to work you need to ride that train. I find thats when a layout starts to make itself.

To be honest that is really what happened with this layout too. I didn’t have the die cuts from this collection, which I am soo bummed about, but it made me have to dig into my stash and find embellishments that could match this collection and feel like they were meant to be together.


I picked out some teal Color Cast Designs acrylic hearts. I picked out a gold glitter chipboard frame from the Maggie Holmes Shine collection. I also took a couple other chipboard pieces of that sheet as well. I grabbed some black and white puffy geo tags from the new Pink Paislee C’est La Vie collection out too. They just worked together, and fit like a glove.


When I started working on the layers I knew I wanted them to not be so tight. Lately I have been trying to bring out my inner Jill Sprott and really use layers in a funky trendy way. I cut my layers in different lengths and sizes and almost fanned them out under my photo.


I did stick to less colors in my pattern papers since I have so much going on in my background. I really also went for different textures and patterns that were bold, like in the inspiration piece.

I love how the chipboard looks tucked under the layers too!! It gives the layout some height which I always like. It helps let you see different angles of the papers and ephemera that maybe you would see if if was all flat.


I also think it helps with the playful tone of the story that I journal about. This picture is my oldest daughter using a walkie talkie we gave her for christmas last year. We gave one to each of the girls, but the girls weren’t really interested last year at all. The other weekend the girls were cleaning their closest out and found them. They are really into the My Little ponies right now so to have another thing that had pines on it was really exciting. Then they realized they could talk to each other from different rooms, and boy they couldn’t get enough of these walkie talkies!! All weekend long all they did was try to talk to each other from other rooms, up stairs and downstairs, they even tried talking for outside too. It was fun watching them play with these toys, so simple but complex at the same time! I really wanted to tell this story, and put to paper this photo, this smirk of delight that Leilani has!!


I am really glad I ended up keeping it pretty simple as far as embellishments goes. It really made me have to focus more on how to be playful with the layers. Also with a busy background it really didn’t need much more. I tend to not know how to stop, and I am glad I feel like I am really learning this concept, of less is more!!


You can watch my process video, over at The Crafty Maven Getaway Channel.


Doing this layout, even though it was a technique that was simple and something I have done before really did help me feel like I am catching my mojo. I feel like I want to try another layout to see if that one makes me want to create more. I think that is how mojo works sometimes too. The more you use that muscle of art and creation the more you get that itch to create again.

I am ready to pull out another piece of white cardstock and see what journey that piece starts to take me. See where I end up with that piece of paper, what story I end up telling too. I think that is a good place to be when you end a layout, if you ask me.

Here is one last look at my layout.


Have an inspired Day My Scrappy friends!!

Aloha, Hannah

Cooking with Grammy

Aloha Scrappers!! How has your week been? Mine, very productive in real life stuff, but very little scrapping done. But that is life sometimes right?! And since I need to sleep, I figure I should just roll with it. Next week will be a new week.

I posted a new layout on my Youtube Channel that I want to share with you. I am trying to use up the last little bit of my November Hip Kit from 2015. It is christmas inspired, and since I still have christmas photos to scrap it makes me happy that I can use up old supplies.

These photos are your typical my kids baking christmas cookies. I really like to see how each year they grow a little older and bigger. These photos are actually a few years old, from 2012. So my girls look so little, especially Cayden. They were so happy when they were making these cookies too. My mom, dad, brother and his at the time girlfriend (who is now his wife) came to spend a christmas at our place. It was really nice. We hadn’t all been together in a few years and it was the first time I was actually meeting his girlfriend.








The girls love baking, and really enjoyed baking with Grammy. My Mom of course was loving it and soaking in the chance to do something special with her grandchildren.

The triangle paper from Hip Kit really inspired me. I grabbed a small Amy Tan stencil with triangles. I pulled out some coral and copper paint and painted triangles on a diagonal across some white cardstock.


I knew I needed to bring in some cool colors like mint or aqua. That guided me as I picked my papers for layering. I used two photos, one 4×6 and a 3×4 size. I almost didn’t use two, only because the color tone on them were different. One photo looks bright and has a cool color tone. The big 4×6 of Cayden has more of a warm tone to it. I am not sure if this happened from the printing process. I didn’t really edit these photos though. They were taken and edited by my sister in law with her very nice camera. I took that from my Facebook account.

I guess it’s time for a confession, I use old Facebook photos on my layouts a lot. over the years and before I scrapbooked I didn’t make the effort to keep digital copies of my photos. So most of our baby photos of all three of our children are only on Facebook. Sometimes the quality on Facebook is great. Sometimes its not, especially when the photos are older and not taken on good cameras. I wish I had saved my photos differently, but I didn’t and it is all I have, so I use them.

Back to the layout…

I built a cluster at the bottom, using the tags from the kit, a paper strip ( a thing I have been doing lately), glitter tape from the December kit, an envelope from my stash, and those adorable penguin and balloons from the PinkFresh Studios die cuts. I love how cute it looks.












Now if I had thought things through better, thats where the stick it down and commit rule isn’t as nice. But if I was thinking, I would have added my cluster at the bottom with triangles. It isn’t horrible the way it is, but there is an awkward gap that could have been avoided but I didn’t think about that until after I glued down the penguin, and he was stuck!!

I needed to balance the top and I added a small cluster at the top of my layout. I used a gingerbread button I had from my stash and a Elle’s Studio banner from last christmas, that I cut down.


I added Studio Calico wood grain sequins and blue crystal sequins to add a touch of blue throughout the layout more.


I will admit I almost forgot to add a title, altogether. I have been bad about that lately. I think it is more about just wanting to finish up and then I remember that I really should have one. I used the PinkFresh Studios puffy alphas from the kit, I didn’t have enough for the whole title, so I spelled out Grammy. I used some copper cursive alphas from an old Pink Fresh Studios embellishment kit I had leftover. They are perfect, they really work well with the copper paint I used on the background. I also used some block Bella Blvd Faith Illustrated alphas in blue.


I added my journaling around the outside of the layout. I really like the way this looks. It brings everything into the layout and it really is easy to incorporate the journaling unto the layout without looking really out of place.

Here is a look at the process video for this layout.


It feels really good getting through some of my older christmas photos, and using up my old kits. I still haven’t touched my January Hip Kit, and man it is so pretty!!

Have a great weekend my scrappy friends!! I hope you enjoy your time, whether you are crafting or not.


Aloha, Hannah

December Daily Thoughts

Aloha Crafters!!

December has been going strong for a while now. And to be honest this is the point where you either are in love with your album so far, or think what have I done?! The craziness of life starts getting you tired.

I hope you haven’t given up yet though!! This lesson I am learning this year working on my album is you gotta do what works for you this year!! This isn’t last year, where I just had one youtube channel to manage, and just a small circle of crafty friends I was sharing with.

This year so much has changed, and so my plans on how I am going to finish my album on time this may need to change, and that is ok!!

I want my album to be fun, because I honestly love christmas time. I have so many great memories that I want this time of year be super special for my kids too. I want them to feel the magic of Christmas.

My plan before was to record most of my process and share it on my Youtube channel. I love Youtube as a sharing platform. I love seeing others being creative and want to share that too. But this year sharing every time I sit down for twenty minutes here or ten minutes there, just isn’t easy.

I took the guilt of having to share every little detail away, I gave myself permission to make my album low key.

What are you doing with your album that isn’t working because you are trying to be a super crafter!! That is totally me, and really it’s an easy way to get burned out this time of the year!

I still plan to share but just not my process. And that is ok!!

It is ok to switch things up and make this process easier on us. This is a busy season and in the end we need to enjoy right?!!

Here are a few pictures of what I have completed so far.

(FYI I start my album after Thanksgiving since that’s when we start decorating, I just have christmas be my last day)

November 27: We started putting up the tree. I focused on that story. I also journaled about how I almost always run out of lights for the tree.


I haven’t decided if I am going to embellish the top Deck The Halls card.

For this pocket I am going to sew or fuse it shut, I just haven’t done it yet. Thus the tape.




November 28:

We finished up the tree. I have more pictures this day, because I took a shot of each child putting up an ornament on the tree.






November 29:

Since not much happened that day, I documented how the girls had a sleepover downstairs to look at the lights on the tree at night. The photos from this aren’t amazing but I really wanted to add them, because I love how excited they were to experience the magic of the christmas tree.


November 30:

Nothing really special went on this day, and I wasn’t sure exactly what story I want to tell. I am thinking about retelling an old christmas memory . All I have is the base page done.


I also have an envelope on the other side of the spread and added the photo of our train under the tree. We try to put this up under the tree every year starting last year.  (Even though I admit that it doesn’t always make it through the season because our children can’t resist touching the train)


December 1:

Before the first I added a picture of the tree all lit up at night. On the other side I added patterned paper, in which I will add typed up journaling about the signs of christmas. This is a prompt from the Journal Your christmas by Shimelle.


This is my photo for December 1st. It is a rainbow in the sky.



I haven’t finished this spread either. I have a cloud/rain 3×4 card from the Wonder collection that I am embellishing in one of the pockets. The other I am thinking of adding more journaling.



December 2:

I seen a prompt from Felicity Jane kit club about Hot Cocoa and wanted to make homemade Hot Cocoa for the kids. Which of course they really enjoyed and welcomed, even if it is warm!! Later that night My Hubby brought home Starbucks Hot Cocoa on a stick, YUMM!!


I have to add the journaling and I may embellish the top card a little more.




December 3:

Not much happened on the 3rd as well. We are in the thick of doing school work before the Christmas Break. I took a photo of the school board with the date on it. I also added a picture of out Nativity set to the back of the hot cocoa photo. I still need to add journaling to this day.




December 4th:

Besides the fact that we did school on the 4th and I recorded The Crafty Maven Podcast about December Daily, not much went on. My Hubby brought home a nice treat of seasonal Blue Moon Beer, which I enjoy during the holidays. IMG_4172

This is what I done on this day. I need to finish up the other page, with embellishments.

December 5th:

On Saturday I went grocery shopping and then we made some cookies.

For this page I actually have the photo on it, but still need to write my journaling. I haven’t decided if I am going to type my journaling out or write it in white pen on the wood grain. My picture is of Mochi, and I am journaling about the cool hawaiian things we get to have during the holidays.


December 6th:

On Sunday we made some more cookies and the kids worked on a gingerbread train. The story I am focusing on is how we are going to start a new tradition the includes everyone in our family picking a cookie or two for us to make during the holiday season. I am going to be printing a recipe out for my Hubby’s pick which were his Grandma’s pecan cookies.

The train I am adding to another day.

IMG_4514 (1)

December 7th:

This day is Pearl Harbor day and I want to add an insert with a picture of Pearl Harbor and an article in which they found an airplane over in Kaneohe Bay, that had sunk during the attack. Since this day is such a big day here I really want to pay respect to it. (I haven’t done this yet, but have it in my christmas journal until I am ready to finish this insert)

I decided to make this day be for the kids christmas lists, even though they had them written out a couple of weeks ago. Over the weekend we had finished buying the big gifts, so it seemed a good day to add this.



In the Starbucks christmas bag I added the actual lists the kids made, even though I did include the photo of one of the lists. (Leilani had written her list way early!!)



December 8th:

We spent a lot of this day at the hospital getting check ups. In my album I actual have the 8th and the 9th switched, because i made a silly mistake with how I inserted my big photos for those days. And instead of reprinting I am just going to have them switched. It really isn’t that big of a deal, really.

For the 8th I still need to make a date card and do the journaling and possibly add something to my big photo.

December 9th:

Since this day is going before the 8th in my album I have this day pretty much completed except a little journaling.

I made a big turkey at home because we ate Thanksgiving at a friends house. My Hubby really wanted my sage sausage stuffing and we still wanted a little extra turkey. It made the house smell yummy and I went all out and made mashed potatoes, stuffing, green casserole and cranberry sauce.


I am also adding the gingerbread train here, to the back of the Starbucks bag. It just seemed to work. Plus I am not sure it really needs tons of journaling.


This is the day card and journaling about me making the turkey.


I am going to journal here about the kids making a wish on the wishbone. This is the first year we had them make a wish on the wishbone.


Sam got the bigger side and he was so happy (Even though he then told us his wish out loud!!) I printed this photo at 8×8 and I love the way it looks. I haven’t decided if I will embellish this photo with anything. I will probably wait until I finish the photo on the other side and then decide.


I have photos for December 10 and 11 printed. but not finished.

I figure quite a bit of this week will have prompts from Shimelle or other places, as filler cards since we did a lot of school work again. I am trying to take photos of our christmas decor and I have a few stories I want to get down as well for these slow days.

I think the important thing to remember about projects like December Daily is to not stress and make sure you are journaling what you want to do your pages about. Even if you aren’t caught up it’s not a big deal.

Also I wanted to share with you The Crafty Maven Getaway Podcast December Daily Episode that came out today!! Katty Miranda, Kelly Barron and I talk all about our December Daily albums.


I am hoping to come back later this week and share some more of my album with you!!



October “Funfetti” Clique Kits Blog Hop: Smile Big


Aloha Scrappers, It that time of the month that I join in with many of the members over Clique Kits and share what I have been making with my month’s kit. This month we are using the Funfetti October Kit made mostly of Pink Fresh Studios Happy Things Collection.

IMG_0021At the end of my post I will have the list of all the ladies who are joining in on the blog hop. I will mark who is next after me as well so you can keep going on the hop. I love seeing everyone’s layouts and projects. It helps me keep up my creative juices for the last bits of my kit left.

This month has been super busy and I haven’t had as much time to scrap, I only made three layouts with my kit. I love how whimsy this collection is though, even if it makes me have to think outside of the box to use. IMG_0026

The layout I am sharing with you today is an older picture of my Husband and daughter inside a military tank. Every year the post we used to live on in Texas hosted an air show, and had tons of jets and tanks. The kids got to go inside the tanks they had out, which was really cool. When they stuck their head out I took a quick picture.

Let’s talk about my background for a second, You ever have a background that you made and then decided not to use, but thought you would keep it incase you wanted to use it later? Well that is what happened with this background. Earlier last week, I painted some yellow paint from an old Clique kit, and some blue Tim HIMG_0023oltz distress paint randomly on a background. The background didn’t work for the layout I made earlier and I just kept trying to use it as a background. I really didn’t want to have to toss it out. But today when making this layout it worked. The blue from the sky matches perfectly with my photo.

Because of all the color, yellow and blue, going on in the background, I decided to keep my background papers fairly natural. This collection has lots of gray mixed in with the other colors. I took one of the gray striped patterned papers and cut it so mostly of the color and shapes weren’t showing. I IMG_0020cut it into stripes and relined them back up on the middle of the layout. I figured I could add my photo on top of that when it was time to add the photo.

I made sure I added a little ink and distressed my strips slightly just to add texture to my layout. I also cut out a few of the boxes of words out of the cut apart sheet. I thought maybe I could use the gray ones and maybe another one with either yellow or teal.  IMG_0024

It took a little while to figure on placement. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a simple grid design or something else. I decided to add two boxes to the top of the middle strip and one under the strip. Now it was time to figure out my layers behind my photo.

Like I said I really was trying to stick to the gray, blue and yellow colors. Nice and simple because of IMG_0022all the color. I used a gray leaf pattern, a white and multi colored bow tie pattern and a yellow stripped pattern from my stash to make up the layers. The bow tie paper I was careful not
to show the bow ties that had different colors from my layout. I added a blue ombre tag from the kit next to my photo.

I used a cut apart from the exclusive sheet in the kit, which I really like a lot.  I used some of the wood pieces from the kit around the layout, as well as somIMG_3638e bow tie and hearts from the Happy Things word phrase glitter set.

I used Smile Big from the puffy sticker sheet as my title. The Black and
yellow really look sharp on the layout next to the tag.

I ended with some sequins from the Clique Store and a few grey sequins from Pink Fresh Studios.


This layout was fairly simple but really fun to make. I love all the color on my page, it really helps make this story a fun one to add to my family album.

I really hope you had fun today here, and don’t forget to head over to Evi’s blog to see what she created this month.

Here is the October Clique Kit Blog Hop Line Up

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