Clique Kits Design Team Hop

Aloha!! I wanted to give everyone a heads up, that this site is no longer where I post all my current blog posts.

Today is a super special day because I am posting my first blog post as part of the Clique Kits Design Team. Because I don’t want anyone to miss out on that I hope you hop over to my newer (last year it was new) Blog site, which is,

Click here and it will take you right to the Clique Kits Design Team Post.


I am really excited to share with you the layout I made but also for you to get to know me ūüôā

Have an awesome day!!!


Aloha Reminder!

Aloha My Scrappy Friends!! I wanted to get on real quick and put out a quick reminder that I have moved my blog from to .com. If you have been wondering why I haven’t had any blog posts since the beginning of this year that would be why.

If you had over to you can follow me over there and check out all the new things I am working on!!

Have an Inspired Week!!



Happy New Year

Yay it’s a new year!!I mentioned in my previous blog that I have taken a lot of time to really think about what and how I want to go about doing things in the future.

I have had an incredible year last year!! Leilani finished chemo!! The kids are doing amazing in school, learning so much. We have really connected with some families on the island. Then you add in my crafty things. I took an Amy Tan class!! I started The Crafty Maven Getaway. I started a podcast. I also scrapped so many moments for our family albums. I also have made some amazing friendships in the scrapping community this year as well.

It is hard to think I could top all the highlights from this year. And yet I would like to think I could try!!

This year I have decided to do One Little Word, with Ali Edwards. (If you don’t know what it is, I will try to explain. You pick a word for the new year to focus on and incorporate that word into your life throughout the year. Ali has an amazing program where she gives prompts to better do this.) ¬†I am really excited in do this. I have been really bad in the past about resolutions. I think by thinking in this in terms with a word, I think it will be able to see my goals, plans and hopes come to fruition.

My word this year is Intention. Crafty and personally I want this word to be in the forefront on every decision I make. Whether it is putting my kids first, or setting and sticking to a schedule on my Youtube channel.

My husband is in the military and we are planning on making a move to a new duty station this year. Sometime in the middle of the year. It’s exciting and scary. It will mean many unknowns for us and for me. I will have to take more time away from my scrappy supplies and even social media, to move.

As sad as I am to leave such a magical place, we are exited to experience a new place too. Even though I have so many plans in my brain that I want to accomplish, I will have to do things intentionally this year. Think through my decisions, which may mean waiting to do some of them.

With that said there is plenty of things that I can do, and plan to do. I really want to focus on learning this year!! I plan to take a scrapbooking class each month. I want to scrap as much as I can. Using up all those pesky scraps I have sitting in a drawer!

I also want to get more organized. I want to start actually setting a schedule and then sticking to it on my Youtube Channel. My hope is to post 4 times a week on my Youtube Channel.

Here is a quick rundown of the series and types of things you will see on my channel and when.


Podcast Inspired Series layouts (This series are layouts that are made and inspired from the talks on The Crafty Maven Getaway Podcast) Every other week starting Jan 4th

My Heritage Series Layouts (This series I using vintage family photos or old family stories to make a layout. These layouts are done in a more contemporary style.) Every other week starting December 28th. (there are a few other layouts in this series done already)


Kit Club Layouts (Every Week)

These layouts will be featuring the kits I get from the kit clubs I am subscribed too. Currently I am subscribed to Clique Kits and Hip Kits. There is playlists on my Youtube Channel for whatever Kit Club I do use for that layout.


Hannah’s Scrap Bin Series¬†

This series I use scraps to create layouts. Some videos in this series will use some sort of inspiration to pick my papers in my scrap bin. Some will not. I will be posting layouts for this series once a week. Starting back up again Jan 8th.


Midori/Pocket Page Scrapbooking layouts

I will be posting Project page spreads or my Month in a Midori Style Notebook. I will be posting these every week.

Sundays: Every other Sunday I hope to share a Bible Journaling page or a Planner page spread. (this day may or may not be as consistent depending on how much is going on in my life or what I feel I can share.)

I also hope that I can share some other layouts I am working on too. But that will depend on how ahead I can scrap. I also hope to take extra time this year to have videos ready and scheduled for viewing when I am moving. I really want to make my channel fun.

I am also hoping to have ready before the end of the month some fun little inspiration prompts that I share weekly. I have been thinking about this concept for a little while and I think it would be have to share some little prompts that help us think outside the box, scrappy wise. Some prompts will have you create a layout, some may be more about journaling or just pondering a concept. I am hoping to use videos to do this sometimes. I will be strictly sharing these prompts on this blog though. So if you are interested in this it will be helpful to be subscribed to my blog or at least have it bookmarked so you can check for the prompts. They will be located on its own page on my blog. But thats getting a little ahead of myself I suppose.

I really want to have a class on my blog at some point so this is really one first step that I can do to get a taste of that, but still keeping it easy for when things do start to change in my life and it gets crazy. Because moving is crazy!!

Well my friends I feel like I have gabbed enough for now!! Hopefully I haven’t lost you completely. If I did, I have a video that is going to be posted on my Youtube Channel explaining some of these changes!! When it is up I will post it here too.

Have an inspired Week!!

Aloha, Hannah


#Selfie Beauty

Aloha Scrappers!! In my house if I don’t take a photo of myself I am hardly ever in photos. Except for when I am sleeping with my mouth open and my husband thinks thats the perfect time to pull out the camera!! ¬†Do I really want those moments to be what my kids remember of me in photos?! Not really.IMG_3427

Every once in a while I make it a habit to pull those selfies off my phone reel and print a couple to make a layout with. Just so I have a few good photos of me for everyone to look at. Plus some fun details about me that my kids will enjoy reading when they are older.

Plus I love when Itake a selfie and it actually looks good! Half the time I just look silly or goofy! This layout I chose a good selfie that I really like of myself. I have a nice Hawaiian tan and glow about me.
I used some of the Dear Lizzy Documentary Collection, which is my favorite collection right now. I am trying to use it and not hoard it an let it sit in my stash looking pretty there.

I really wanted to keep this layout simple with those pops of color. At first I tried to use yellow paint behind my layers and it just wasn’t working for me. It was too much color and not enough white open space.

I added some black and white printable tags, some coppery little arrows and some glittery gold hearts to add a little more to the layout, but stoppeIMG_3430d there.
Here is how my layout turned out.


You can also watch my process video.

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out what I am up too!! I am hoping to get into a routine this fall/winter and post videos about 4 times a week. I love sharing and I hope that I inspire you.

Have a great day,

Aloha, Hannah

Scraplifting: Shopping @ Swap Meet

Aloha Scrappers!!! ¬† I have been super thrilled at the response from the YT channel that I started this month, The Crafty Maven Getaway. I love seeing all the layouts that scrappers are creating based on the inspiration pieces and from watching the videos on the channel. It really makes up for all the hard and fun work I have been putting into the Channel and all the other aspects that go into building a YT Channel. I can’t believe how much I have learned and all the inspiration I am getting from the viewers!!

Susan Brochu, a fellow scrapbooker and blogger, her blog is so, has shared several layouts that are so inspiring. Her first layout from the first week’s inspiration piece, just screamed out to me to bescrap lifted!! I loved having a chance to use this inspiration piece too. I am loving the pineapple craze, and i recently started using lots of pops of black and white, am love the way that looks.

I had been playing around with watercolors earlier that day and writing with watercolors. The big I designed was cute but I thought it was kinda busy to use the whole 12×12 sheet as a background. When I seen the striped section on Susan’s layout it made me think about that sheet I just watercolored. There was dots and the word Smile across the paper that mimickeIMG_2236d the striped paper. I love how this totally happened by accident!! A Happy Accident!!

Because the paper I designed was on white cardstock¬†I really wanted the rest of the 12×12 to have a pattern on it, or at least color. I ended end picking a light aqua/teal colored striped paper to follow the direction pattern, this paper was from the Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy collection.

With the thought that the pillows have lots of different patterns I wanted t mimIMG_2238ic that with the layers under my photo. I love layers and even though Susan only used a couple of layers I wanted to stay true to my style, and I used 4 layers behind my photo, which is printed at about 4×4. I used some plain pink cardstock for a neutral color and pattern. I also used pineapple paper from webster’s pages. a fun and fresh black and white dot from Seven paper from Studio Calico. and a water print from the Poolside Collection.

I used the SevenIMG_2235 paper to make photo corners, I used the corners on all the corners. Susan just used two, but I felt like it needed corners on all sides to draw your eye in toward the photo and the middle of the layout.

The original Layout had a cluster of godies under the left side of the photo, I started there with word strips in matching colors, I then thought it needed a few strips at the top to help balance it. I added a¬†few chipboard pieces that matched the theme IMG_2233of the photo. Which was shopping on vacation with my mother. We went to the Aloha Stadium to the Sway Meet. It was hot and sunny. To refresh ourselves we got a local coconut to drink and shaved ice for the kids. What doesn’t go wrong with shopping and ice cold tropical drinks!! I love going to the swap meet to find cool local foods and little goodies, like necklaces and jewelry. I finished with enamel dots and thought it looked finished. I made sure I added a short title at the bottom, just describing the photo,I felt like this was enough and not to journal.

This was fun toIMG_2232 create. I love being inspired by others and taking a concept they have and making it my own!! I hope that i have inspired you to pull out your favorite layout by another scrapper and make it your own!!

Hope everyone has an inspired weekend!!

Aloha, Until next time!! Hannah IMG_2211

Homemade Party Favor Tags

Hey Scrappers!!! The weekend is soon approaching!! Yay!! I love weekends, relaxing watching TV Or Youtube in my case. Sometimes we even go to the beach or park!! It’s just nice to have no plans on the weekend since my families lives are so busying during the week.

Recently my oldest daughter finished chemo, after over two long years, we finally get to see a life not focused on pills, and germs and mealtimes. To celebrate we are planning to have a party with are close friends. I thought it would be fun to make some homemade tags to hand out with the favors.

I love the playful feel of the Crate Paper Poolside collection, so I choose to use a lot of elements from that collection. IMG_2139

I started out by using a stencil, acrylic paint and some cardstock. I used two different colors, a teal and nice cream/natural looking cardstock. I use my blender tool with a foam pad and added the paint on through the stencil in different colors.

Using long strips of Poolside patterned paper, I accordion folded the whole strip. Then glue the ends together and formed a circle. I used Chipboard in a circle to keep it laying flat. I used some fun silver paper on tIMG_2141op to cover the hole and to add fun die cuts or embellishments on top.



I layered some stickers or vellum on the tags and added some letter stickers to spell out sweet treats. I also made a tag that said You R Invited.


These tags were really fun to make, and a cool way to use leftover stickers or embellishments that I hard a hard time using on a layout.


I can’t wait to use these for our Celebration party!!



Hope you were inspired to make something different from leftover bits in your stash!!

Aloha, Hannah   IMG_2155

Spotlight Sunday: Hannah Lemieux

I wanted to share what I have been up to lately and something I have been working on!! Something really exciting.

The Crafty Maven Getaway

The first day has actually come!! I am so thrilled to be working with such an amazing and talented group of ladies, who have inspired me since I have been scrapping!!

For the first Spotlight Sunday, we are featuring me, Hannah Lemieux.  In this first spotlight video, I mention all the ways you can find The Crafty Maven Getaway channel on social media. I also mention where you can find my channel on Youtube.

I started my Youtube channel in August last year after being inspired by so many Youtubers like Oh Snap Gonzo (Sandra), Maggie Mylow (Lisa), and Meaghan Rizzo.  I really wanted to give back a little because I had been so inspired by so many, even if that was reaching a couple people. By starting my channel I have gained so much more than just knowing I helped inspire someone to pick up a piece of patterned paper…

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Happy Independence Day!!

I just wanted to jump on quick this morning, before my day got busy, grilling and bonding with friends over great food, and sunny skies!! I just wanted to wish all my American friends a very Happy Independence Day!!  Being in a military family this day is even more meaningful to us, and I am proud that I can do my part and make a better country and world for my children!! Even if my part is to document my families journeys with pretty paper and embellishments!! May you all have a great day and even better weekend!!!

Where has Hannah Been?!

You may have noticed I have been a little MIA lately!! Well I have been working like crazy! Things in my life have been pretty busy, I have finished my kids school year, I homeschool my two daughters. My oldest daughter is just about to finish her chemo treatment, so we have been doing things around to get ready for that. On Tuesday she actually had her last dose of IV chemo in the clinic. We are so glad this day has come and we are planning on celebrating with a party! On top of all this I am actually working on something really fun and cool for all you scrappers out there too!!

maybe you have heard, but if not I am currently working on starting a new Youtube channel where a bunch of Scrappy Youtubers will post a project or layout once or twice a month. It is like a youtube hop and 2peas combined.

Each week there is a new piece of inspiration that the scrappers will use to connect all the weeks worth of layout/projects together, but viewers will be able to see how each scrapper uses and interprets this inspiration piece. Giving them ideas and giving them an inspiration vacation!!IMG_1759

The name of this new Youtube channel I am working on is The Crafty Maven Getaway.  Aside from the Youtube channel there is also a blog to go along with the Youtube Channel where I will be linking the videos that are posted and where you can find the poster on Youtube. The blog website for that is

There is also a community Facebook page as well which is like a blog on Facebook, but may be a little easier to comment on the layouts and videos than on a blog.

Everyone who is involved is getting really excited and ready to share with everyone what they have been working on, I hope you scrappers are excited too, because so many Youtubers are going to be in one place posting everyday!! Some days even have more than one post!!

I will keep you posted on my new Youtube channel and I will be trying like allows to keeping up with my own layouts that I am working on!!

Have an Inspired Weekend!!!



Watercolored Background

IMG_1348Where do you get inspired the most? Do you find yours on your news feed in the morning while sipping coffee? Or by browsing through other crafters pin boards late at night while your hubby is snoring in bed next to you? Do you find it while watching Youtube in your saturday comfy Pajamas and warm slippers? We all as crafters, scrapbookers need to stay inspired. I don’t know about you but when I feel uninspired I can sit at my desk and do nothing for hours, wasting time sorting photos, watching netflix and all that stuff that easily deverts my easily wandering mind. I am always in search for something new to inspire me in a new way. Whether its a new bloom on my plumeria bush, the agua and turquiose colors pounding on almost white sand at the North Shore, or the look of my daughters face when she smiles with that new open toothed grin to show off her newly lost tooth.
I have found challenges to be a fun way to change the way I think about scrapbooking and find elements that spark inspiration. Last weekend on Victoria Marie’s FaceBook group she posting a moodboard challenge. I admit, I am afraid of mooIMG_1297dboards. thrying to show the feeling of two or three seperate photos and then have to match them with specific colors, is a lot of work. But I thought to myself, If I want to grow I need to try something new right. Just take a chance. Thats how we grow as Scrapbookers trying new things until either we know it is not our style or we excel at it.
I looked at these beautiful colors of pastel green, blue, cream, aqua and a dark brown that almost looked red. Thenn the photos of a high grassy field and an antique dresser with peeled paint, and inspiration started coming. Lately I have been trying to contruct one sheet of paper to use on my page that is all me. I use whatever product or photo, and try to let that influence what design or colors I will use. I knew that on this page I wanted to do this same thing. I wanted to create a flIMG_1344oral background. I knew this could turn out horrible or amazing. I spent a day or two just doodling whispy flowers, in my free time. When I decided what I wanted them to look like I sat down at my desk with a pencil and white cardstock. I knew I really wanted that charcol pencil look to peak through any watercolors I would use later. Plus if I needed to I could erase pencil if I messed up. And I just doodled flowers and buds all over that cardstock.
Then I used the mood board colors as a reference and tried to mix my watercolors to match. I wanted to stick with just three colors, light pastel green, blue, and pink. Here is a picture of the background all painted.
Noow that my background was complete I could go through my stash and pick out papers that match the color scheme and feel that I am going for. I was really looking for an antique and whispy feel.
Using a paice of vellum helped tone down the background floral but still use a bigger piece. I matted it with green and a dark woodgrain from Maggie Holmes Open Book.
I layered a few sheets of paper under my photo for interest but kept the layers similar in size to not overpower the photo or background.
I also kept the embellishment clusters simple to complement the background floral paper and the layers behind the photo.

Also by using Kraft and gray i added interest but keeping it natural. I love the way the Dear Lizzy gold and white title word stickers bring an elegance to my page. I kept the title IMG_1339simple by just using the date. I also have many other¬†photos from this day that will be together in my album so I didn’t think it was to important to have an unique title. the sequins added a touch of coIMG_1340lor around the page!

Here is the whole layout completed, love how it turned out!!

Here is the link to the process Video on my YouTube channel,

I hope seeing this helps inspire you to find new ways to be inspired, to be challenged!!

PS I posted this on my Blogspot blog on January 20, 2015. By clicking here you can go see the original post with close up photos!!