Blog-tember Challenge: What Am I listening to?


I feel like I have slacked on my blogging prompts for the Blog-tember challenge I am trying to take part in. This weekend has just flown by! I have a love/hate relationship with long weekends. I love that I can sit in my PJs all day and not have to go anywhere. Or Binge watch movies with my kiddos! The thing is, they end. It’s like having a bad hangover too. You want to hit snooze like ten times before dragging your limp body out of bed. The kiddos have crazy energy, and they really don’t want to listen or do a full day worth of school work. Homeschooling probably doesn’t help, because I get just give my kiddos over to a teacher they absolutely Love and make them deal with my kids energy issue.

Though I kick and scream, don’t let that fool you. I really do like the routine of getting up at a decent time in the morning and doing the same thing. Some of it is I know what to expect. And I know when the craziness should end, usually bed time, and I can do all things scrappy!! I live for doing things scrappy!! It helps center me.

The prompt for day 5 is to share with you my playlist. I am not gonna lie this is hard, and here is why. I have a pathetic playlist. I have maybe 8 albums listed on my playlist, and not full albums. Most of this is not being able to sync my players to the same computer, when that was needed. Most of my music is in CD form. Which I love, I love touching the disc, putting it in the player and having music blare through the house on my very very old three disc CD player (it’s seriously from the last 1990’s)

When I listen to music not in disc form I have been using Pandora a lot or sometimes I use ITunes radio. Which is nice because I can listen to music I don’t actually own and then decide to buy it when I love it!!

To make this a little fun and interesting I thought I would pick 10 songs that come up random from the stations I listen too, and random songs that I do own. This should give you a good idea of the things I listen too.

  1. Another One Bites the Dust… Queen
  2. Nothing But the Blood….. Rick Pino
  3. Squeeze Box…. The Who
  4. Running Man…. Hanson
  5. Chains…. Nick Jonas
  6. Hey Ya….. OutKast
  7. Youth of the Nation… POD
  8. I Gotta Feeling… The Black Eyed Peas
  9. Fill Me Up.. Kim Walker Smith/Jesus Culture
  10. Smooth Criminal… Alien Ant Farm

As you can tell I listen to such a variety of music!! You can thank my parents for that!! I constantly got a stream of The Beach Boys, Elvis, Frank Sinatra as well as Vineyard praise songs, Joe Satriani, Petra and so much more! Then you add all the music that has come out in the present.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing some of what I listen too. Come back later and I will have another Blog-tember prompt posted too!! Even if I haven’t posted as much as I would like too I really have been enjoying doing them!!

Have an Inspired Week, almost weekend!!!!



Blog-tember Prompt 4: My Passions

Aloha my scrappy friends!! I hope you have been enjoying my Blog-tember posts. I have been having fun so far doing this challenge. It has been really nice getting into the habit of posting everyday on my blog. Today the prompt is to talk about my passions.

Family… Ever since I was a kid family has meant a lot to me. As a young child my dad with in the army and so we spent a lot of time away from our immediate family. Getting together with my cousins when I was really little was always a special time for me. Then my Dad got out of the army and we moved close to be with family. Summers were spent at my grandparents house enjoying the amazing weather that New York has to offer. Many of my childhood memories include the fun times I had playing with my cousins. Now that I am older and again in the military lifestyle, family means even more to me. Mainly because we get limited time with them. My husband and kids mean so much to me. In life you never know what the future holds so I really want to make the most of it with my family!!

God…  If you don’t know me all that well, you may not know but I have had many close calls when it has come to health in my life. I have found that whenever I have been through these trails I have always felt God in a very strong way, directing my path and comforting me. He is in control. And that has been so reassuring to me. I have tried to through all life struggles and triumphs to maintain a good connection to God. He is my create and he made me for a purpose!!

Friends… I have been so grateful to have had some amazing friends throughout my life. They have been there with me through thick and thin. I hold dear all the conversations I have had with all my friends, old and new.

Being Creative… Growing up I seen my mom do tons of crafty things, baking, crocheting, painting, etc. And my Dad plays the bass and we grew up with music always playing from somewhere in the house. I just have a creative bone in my body. I love music, and love expressing myself through words, or now scrapbooking. I didn’t realize how much I craved to be artistic until I picked up that first piece of paper. But once I did I will never go back. Being new to scrapbooking I now there will be times in my life I may not being able to create as much as I would like. But I know I will never be able to go back to what I was before. scrapbooking has taken all these creative pieces I have had in my life and meshed them together. And it has been wonderful!!

History, Family History… I love know what things used to be like. what fascinates me even more is what things used to be like for my family. I love reading stories or watching movies that are set back in time. I love seeing how people interacted with each other, how they felt. I wish so many times I was born during the 1850s when families were trekking on wagon trails to find a better life. I wish that I could sit at the table of a queen during the 1500s, and soak in the festivities of a noble life. I wish I was sitting on a boat with Jesus and the disciples as they went from town to town, talking about God. All these things were once normal and part of what people did without thought, and I often think that when 50 or 100 years from now my family will be wondering what it was like to be living in this technology age, where everything has become so accessible. Knowing where we came from can help us with where or who we want to be in the future!

Books … I love reading. all kinds of stories. Though I am not always reading, once I pick up a good book I always wonder why I stopped. Just last week a friend of mine was talking about reading and so I once again went onto my tablet, (though I prefer my closet of books) and found an interesting one. I spent all this past week reading when I could and read 3 books, that completely shocked me. I definitely got hit by the reading bug!!

There are so many things that I love or have a passion for I am not sure if I could list them all, but the ones I did mention really are what my life focuses on everyday. I hope that I never lose sight of my passions, it is what helps us fight for a better tomorrow. I hope you take some time to think about your passions. And follow them!!

Until next time, Aloha,


Blog-tember Prompt #3: Moodboard

For the third prompt I am going to be sharing a mood board that reflects tone of my blog. I love this prompt!! I love mood boards, they are just so much fun to make. They really are just a group of pictures that embody a feeling you want to portray. These are my favorite challenges to scrap, or come up with when I need to do a challenge. I think a lot of it is just how visual I am and how I connect a vision with a feeling or mood.

If you want to see the prompts from the blog I am using for this challenge, you can find them here, at

Blog moodboard

When making this mood board I really wanted to think about things I love and are inspired by. I used a mix of pictures from my camera, and pictures I found on Pinterest. I made a board on My Pinterest account just to help me be more organized, plus I want to make sure that that photos I used that are not mine are noted. There are many more photos than what ended up in this board. Overall it was because they didn’t fit into that feel I was going for.

This blog really started because I wanted a place I could go and place words to the things I was creating. Give my layouts a voice. It has been a long while for me to find this voice easily. I will not lie. Some of it is because I found it easier and much more fun to use Youtube as this vehicle as well. But there is something about scrolling through a page with tons of pictures and just letting them sit on your brain while you taste them, kinda like sipping a great cup of coffee.

I love the concept of sitting around the dining table with a great cup of coffee and something yummy to munch on while you discuss the things that mean the most to you. These dialogs that I have had with friends in my life are the ones I cherish the most. I really want my blog to have that feel. Like I invited you in and we are conversing about life, love, our fears, our joys and all things in between. I hope as I continue this journey of sharing that you feel comfortable to be yourself and we can grow from each other!!

As I share the stories of my family and I I hope to share more and more about me and the things that matter the most to me. I hope that these things inspire you to be a better you, and inspire you to pick up your tools and create something beautiful!!

I am hoping this weekend that I can make a layout with this mood board. When I do I will share it with you!!

I hope you are having great weekend!!

Aloha, Hannah

My Perfect Day


Prompt #2 for the September Blog Challenge (you can go to to see the prompts in detail)  that I am taking part in asks me to describe my perfect day.

My first reaction was to say spending the day scrapbooking, with my favorite and closest friends that I have mIMG_1479et throughout this year. Maybe even having them all come to Hawaii and we could sightsee, shop, relax on the beach and take selfies. Then go and scrap those fun and amazing moments with them. And while this would be amazing!! Having great conversation in person with these amazing women I have come to know as friends. I feel like thinking about a day when I can meet up with them, is a little too easy of an answer.

True, yes, but really it doesn’t take much thought to come up with tons of things we could do together and have a blast doing them. I think for me doing this blog challenge is really to step outside of how I have been doing blog posts and really bring who I am out in this challenge. I want you readers to feel connected when you read, understand me a little more. When I make decisions in scrapbooking it is from all the collected things that happened in the past bubbling up to create something new.

Anyway back to the prompt for a minute. When I really think about this question, it makes me think about the impossible!

I LOVE history. In high school my favorite movie was Joan of Arcjoan-of-arc, with LeeLee Sobieski. Maybe because I felt like I could relate being a teen or I just love learning about a girl who stood firm when so many didn’t believe her.

Even now some of my favorite stories and movies take me back in time, when things are so different from all the things we have today. And I also wonder how I would fare among such strong people!

After I was married I started looking into my families ancestry. I was always curious about the stories of my family. How history played out for my family. What it looked looked for them, and what traits were based down through our bloodline.

When of the coolest stories I found was a letter written from a cousin to one of my husbands family members. He explained a story of my husbands third time great grandfather stowaway on a ship going from Ireland to Canada, in a hemp barrel with a friend. After being found nearly dead when the ship landed in Canada, someone from Cobh-1830sthe ship felt pity on him and took care of him. Teaching him about mining and his religion. After some time he fell in love with this man’s  daughter and they were married. Later they made the trip from Nova Scotia to Pennsylvania to mine. Along the way his wife had given birth.  I couldn’t imagine doing all those things!!

To meet one of or all of my past family members when they were alive would be amazing. Just to soak up their wisdom, knowledge and fervor to make their lives better for their children.

I mean isn’t that scrapbooking is all about?!! Telling these stories, of our lives, our struggles, our successes, our faults, and our heart. I am reminded of a quote that was used for the inspiration piece for The Crafty Maven Getaway (A Youtube crafty channel). It said,  IMG_1715

And really that really what history is, what scrapbooking is. All these little things add up and become BIG things that steers our future.

My perfect day would be to spend time with my family way back in history. Take in the sights of a world uninterrupted by phones and technology. Breathe in the clean air of the countries my family’s roamed. I know for the most point my family were just normal but their normal is what brought my family to this normal now. They took part in making history for all of us, even if it was living life normally for that time.

I would go back to when my family came across a great ocean and rode to a future that maybe was unimaginable to them but held such promise. I would sit at the royal banquet table of a feast in England, taking in all the beauty of the ladies dresses or the art hanging on the walls. I would sit at the side of my husband’s 3rd time great grandfather’s mother as he kissed her for the last time, leaving so he have a better life. I would watch as my 10th great aunt sat on the witness stand telling of how she saw her brother kill her sister with an axe. I would go back to and help plow tIMG_1869he cold ground at dawn with my 3rd time great grandfather. I would go back and ride the train across New York looking for work in the early 1930s with my great grandfather.

I think all these moments in time would be so cool to witness. Them living their lives no matter how easy or hard that was for them. Them making history for me, my history! I think in many ways this is really why I scrapbook, to keep my history alive. One day my 3rd time grand daughter may want to go back and know what it was like living in a time that she could hardly imagine!!

I hope you are all enjoying getting a look into me. I am really finding it fun to take a different approach this month on some of my blog posts!!

Until next time, Aloha and have an inspired day!!


Something a Little Fun!!

Aloha my scrappy friends!! I have been thinking a lot about my blog and ways I can get better about posting and posting things where people can actually get to know who I am as a person and scrapbooker, and memory keeper. In this thought process I have thought a lot about a blog challenge. When I came across a blog challenge that is going on this month on my IG feed it really perked my interest. I looked over the prompts on the blog and thought, I am gonna try this!! I love the prompts they are fun and really it’s the perfect way for everyone to get to know me more!!

Prompt #1: Introducing ME!!

This is always the hardest part for me on applications, or questionnaires. Describing who I am, Is it only me who has a hard time saying this is me?!! Probably not, hopefully not!

I know I am me, I guess that is the best way to put it. I am different and fun, easy going and type A. Messy and creative. Loyal and sincere.

But instead of describing myself in words I thought it would be fun to share some of my faves, besides scrapbooking!!

Music: Hanson, The Who, Journey, The Doobie Brothers, Taylor Swift, POD

TV Shows:  Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, Top Chef, The Amazing Race, The 100

Books: The 100, The Uglies, My Sisters Keeper, When Calls The Heart, A Walk to Remember   (Though I will say the more I read the harder it is to pick Faves)

Color: Lime Green, Aqua, (Really anything bright, another fun fact: I once painted my room Lime Green, bright Blue and yellow, and it looked like skittles!!)

Food:  Fried Dough pizza (Yumm), cupcakes (White Chocolate Key Lime),Tiramisu (Because I just Love Coffee)

Drink: Coffee

Favorite Places I have Lived (or visited): Hawaii, Mystic CT (really I love most of CT especially near the coast), San Diego Ca, Rockland County NY

Favorite Memory: This is a hard one!! Swimming with the Sharks in Haleiwa, My Wedding Day, Having my children, A Hanson concert I attended when I was in 8th grade with my cousin Hanson

Fave Scrapbook Collection: Dear Lizzy Serendipity, Pink Fresh Studios Up In the Clouds, Maggie Holmes (The first collection)

Fave Embellishment: Diecuts (ephemera)

Fave Mixed Media element: Acrylic Paint, though watercolor is a close second

I think I will leave you with my Favorite Layout I have made, which is really hard to pick because I really have made some amazing ones, with great stories and memories attached to them!!





Thanks for joining on this little challenge I am doing!! Hope you come back later to learn more about me and check the prompts!! Have an Inspired day!!

To see more work from me, check out my pinterest page (My Layouts), or my Youtube channel!!!

Aloha, Hannah