Something New


If you follow me on social media you may have seen that I am wanting to add to my youtube channel, and on social media. I mostly have used this space for my memory keeping. I have mostly used this blog to share all the things I was making in my scrap room. But originally when I started this blog I had actually really wanted a space that memory keeping and my love for food could meet.

For years friends would tell me to share all my creations in the kitchen with them and online. And even though I did go to culinary school after high school, I also saw myself as a home cook just like so many others. Not really special and not really seeing how my take on food would stand out.

So I’m doing something scary…. And I am going to start sharing what I am making in the kitchen. I still want to share my scrapbooking, this part of my life has really brought joy in my life. Food though really has always been something I am passionate about. I love finding ways to eat healthier. Find ways to take those flavors I eat, out in all the amazing places I have lived, and bring them into my home. I love being creative with cupcakes!!

I am finally seeing how I fit into this foodie world. I love making carb conscience, fresh and homey food that tastes good.

I hope you enjoy this new direction I am wanting to go. I really am excited about having memory keeping and food meet.

I am hoping to share recipes, (lots of cupcake ones), food prep type of videos, videos on how I make carb conscious choices in meal prepping, and hopefully some other food related types of videos and blog posts.

My goal is to blog/post videos on Monday – memory keeping/scrapbooking process videos, Wednesday- food related or Thursday- scrapbooking related and then Saturday – food related. I am hoping that sticking to three days a week and themed related days that will help you know and anticipate the types of videos you want to see. I did think about having two youtube channels, but decided to use my one youtube channel for both things, and then have a separate facebook page and instagram account too. I will be sharing some of the other things on both accounts but I’ll try to keep those more exclusive to it’s theme!!

I hope you are inspired!! I hope you have a great week, making the most with what you have!!