Blog-tember Prompt 4: My Passions

Aloha my scrappy friends!! I hope you have been enjoying my Blog-tember posts. I have been having fun so far doing this challenge. It has been really nice getting into the habit of posting everyday on my blog. Today the prompt is to talk about my passions.

Family… Ever since I was a kid family has meant a lot to me. As a young child my dad with in the army and so we spent a lot of time away from our immediate family. Getting together with my cousins when I was really little was always a special time for me. Then my Dad got out of the army and we moved close to be with family. Summers were spent at my grandparents house enjoying the amazing weather that New York has to offer. Many of my childhood memories include the fun times I had playing with my cousins. Now that I am older and again in the military lifestyle, family means even more to me. Mainly because we get limited time with them. My husband and kids mean so much to me. In life you never know what the future holds so I really want to make the most of it with my family!!

God…  If you don’t know me all that well, you may not know but I have had many close calls when it has come to health in my life. I have found that whenever I have been through these trails I have always felt God in a very strong way, directing my path and comforting me. He is in control. And that has been so reassuring to me. I have tried to through all life struggles and triumphs to maintain a good connection to God. He is my create and he made me for a purpose!!

Friends… I have been so grateful to have had some amazing friends throughout my life. They have been there with me through thick and thin. I hold dear all the conversations I have had with all my friends, old and new.

Being Creative… Growing up I seen my mom do tons of crafty things, baking, crocheting, painting, etc. And my Dad plays the bass and we grew up with music always playing from somewhere in the house. I just have a creative bone in my body. I love music, and love expressing myself through words, or now scrapbooking. I didn’t realize how much I craved to be artistic until I picked up that first piece of paper. But once I did I will never go back. Being new to scrapbooking I now there will be times in my life I may not being able to create as much as I would like. But I know I will never be able to go back to what I was before. scrapbooking has taken all these creative pieces I have had in my life and meshed them together. And it has been wonderful!!

History, Family History… I love know what things used to be like. what fascinates me even more is what things used to be like for my family. I love reading stories or watching movies that are set back in time. I love seeing how people interacted with each other, how they felt. I wish so many times I was born during the 1850s when families were trekking on wagon trails to find a better life. I wish that I could sit at the table of a queen during the 1500s, and soak in the festivities of a noble life. I wish I was sitting on a boat with Jesus and the disciples as they went from town to town, talking about God. All these things were once normal and part of what people did without thought, and I often think that when 50 or 100 years from now my family will be wondering what it was like to be living in this technology age, where everything has become so accessible. Knowing where we came from can help us with where or who we want to be in the future!

Books … I love reading. all kinds of stories. Though I am not always reading, once I pick up a good book I always wonder why I stopped. Just last week a friend of mine was talking about reading and so I once again went onto my tablet, (though I prefer my closet of books) and found an interesting one. I spent all this past week reading when I could and read 3 books, that completely shocked me. I definitely got hit by the reading bug!!

There are so many things that I love or have a passion for I am not sure if I could list them all, but the ones I did mention really are what my life focuses on everyday. I hope that I never lose sight of my passions, it is what helps us fight for a better tomorrow. I hope you take some time to think about your passions. And follow them!!

Until next time, Aloha,


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  1. Hi Hannah~
    I’m really enjoying your posts and getting to know you a little better. Besides scrapbooking, we share a lot of the same passions. It’s sometimes hard to fit them into our busy days but they are so important because they enrich our lives and keep us happy!


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