Blog-tember Prompt #3: Moodboard

For the third prompt I am going to be sharing a mood board that reflects tone of my blog. I love this prompt!! I love mood boards, they are just so much fun to make. They really are just a group of pictures that embody a feeling you want to portray. These are my favorite challenges to scrap, or come up with when I need to do a challenge. I think a lot of it is just how visual I am and how I connect a vision with a feeling or mood.

If you want to see the prompts from the blog I am using for this challenge, you can find them here, at

Blog moodboard

When making this mood board I really wanted to think about things I love and are inspired by. I used a mix of pictures from my camera, and pictures I found on Pinterest. I made a board on My Pinterest account just to help me be more organized, plus I want to make sure that that photos I used that are not mine are noted. There are many more photos than what ended up in this board. Overall it was because they didn’t fit into that feel I was going for.

This blog really started because I wanted a place I could go and place words to the things I was creating. Give my layouts a voice. It has been a long while for me to find this voice easily. I will not lie. Some of it is because I found it easier and much more fun to use Youtube as this vehicle as well. But there is something about scrolling through a page with tons of pictures and just letting them sit on your brain while you taste them, kinda like sipping a great cup of coffee.

I love the concept of sitting around the dining table with a great cup of coffee and something yummy to munch on while you discuss the things that mean the most to you. These dialogs that I have had with friends in my life are the ones I cherish the most. I really want my blog to have that feel. Like I invited you in and we are conversing about life, love, our fears, our joys and all things in between. I hope as I continue this journey of sharing that you feel comfortable to be yourself and we can grow from each other!!

As I share the stories of my family and I I hope to share more and more about me and the things that matter the most to me. I hope that these things inspire you to be a better you, and inspire you to pick up your tools and create something beautiful!!

I am hoping this weekend that I can make a layout with this mood board. When I do I will share it with you!!

I hope you are having great weekend!!

Aloha, Hannah

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  1. I have never thought about making a mood board – going to have to give it a try! I like how you used a mix of your own photos and pinterest to make yours.


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