Becoming Elsa

IMG_0326  Lately I have found it easier to switch things up in the middle of my pages. Let me explain, when I started scrapping I used to feel that I didn’t know much, and I really didn’t. I felt I needed to make the page work all the way up to the end. I actually felt bad about taking a layout apart after I worked on it after a while. But lately as I get more comfortable with my style and my focus on what I want to accomplish on my layouts, which is different for each layout.  Last week was no different, I knew I wanted to scrap a picture of my daughter Leilani while we were dyeinIMG_0328g her hair and an after photo of how it turned out. ShIMG_0325e wanted to look like Elsa, so in my mind I wanted to use light pinks and purples. I wanted to use the technique of putting the gelatos on plastic packaging and moving it around on cardstock. It creates a soft and almost dreamy look. I pulled out different colored gelatos, which I haven’t actually used much lately, and put the colors in a diagonal across the page. I then thought the contrast of black ink drops would look stunning which the pastel purples and pinks. I always forget when I am using color shine that it takes forever to dry on gesso’d cardstock in the humidity here. The background looked pretty good, even though I had to use my heat gun a lot, and try not to touch the black color shine drops

As I started to layer the papers with the background, I just wasn’t feeling it though. Something seemed off, even though it really didn’t look bad. I just seemed to be struggling to get the layers right and look amazing with this wonderful background I made. I decided to put away my layout and come back the next and see how I felt about. I tend to do that when I hit a wall. I walk away, getting irritated at my layout usually doesn’t help in my favor creativity wise. I find after sleeping on my layout and seeing it out throughout the day will give me time to think of new ideas, I will often spend my day going back to peek looks at layouts and thinking about what I want to do to finish things.

When I came back later that night, which is usually when I have time to scrap, I realized it was the background and how big the layers were that I didn’t like. I wanted tighter layers with less paper showing around the two photos. Because the two photos were next to each other kinda overlapping they already took up a bit of stuff and I did want to see the background whether I kept the pink and purple one or decided to go with a different background. I worked carefully to pull apart the papers in my layers. I tried not to tear the paper so I could reuse it again for layers. It was then that I decided that I was going to use another background. I rememIMG_0324ber in my stash I had another backgIMG_0329round I made using mint acrylic paint and a stencil and some copper paint splatters on it. I often will make backgrounds when I am feeling creativity even if I don’t have a layout in mind. I use this as a way to try a technique too, but then if it doesn’t turn out then I can toss it. More times than not though I end up keeping the background cardstock and sometimes I use it later for another layout. I pulled that background out of my pile of other backgrounds I have made and thought about where on this paper I wanted my photos.  I thought the bottom right hand corner was a good spot to see the background stencil but also get peeks of it behind the layers. I tightened the layers and added a couple of other papers, to help pull out the mint color from the background. I added a journal tidbit from Elle’s Studio Shine tidbit pack, which brought in some yellow which was in the photo. I also addeIMG_0327d a copper striped bow at the top of the layout to tie in the copper splatters on the background. That bow made a nice place to have a tiny cluster which was staggered toward the layers, with some sticker banners in similar colors from the layers and some enamel dots. I added enamel dots near the title and around the layers and photos. The colors went well to tie everything together and added something different since I already had paint splatters on the background. I journaled which did spill off the card and under the layers, but I really wanted to make sure I told this story. Because Leilani had lost all her hair while on chemo I really wanted her to feel special. We let her have her hair dyed whatever color she wanted. She picked white like Elsa! She loved Frozen at the time, like many other children, and wanted to be just like Elsa. When you deal with chin everyday as a parent you really just want to make things fun whenever possible. So the fact that she had to lose her long beautiful blonde hair wasn’t ideal, but byIMG_1152 dyeing her hair we turned that event into something fun and much more memorable. A better memory!

I hope that you aren’t afraid to try over when a layout isn’t going the way you planned it. Or you take the extra set back to rethink photo position or even how the papers are layered on you page. Sometimes simple things changed like tightening layers or changing on or two papers can change the how feel of a layout. Sometimes it needs to be more dramatic, like changing up the background all together. But if that change changing how you feel about a layout I say it’s all worth it, right. Have an inspired week my scrappy friends!! Don’t be afraid to change things up!!

Aloha, Hannah


P.s. By clicking on the layout you can see the process video on my Youtube channel

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  1. Such a sweet memory to capture Hannah! And you’re right – sometimes when things are clicking you just need to walk away. Starting fresh can be a good option when you’re stuck.


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